Our services are not only services. We will add value to your services to ensure excellence and quality of your product.

Sorting and containment actions, reworks & quality walls
Inspections to guarantee the compliance of a product. If you have a problem, we can STOP it; we can help you to finding a definitive solution and rework your product until you can produce without problems.
In your facilities, the client or in external warehouses.
Quality Control
We can guarantee the quality of your product, during the production process and final acceptance to ensure that your product has the desired acceptance.
Representation and support consulting in quality engineering, logistics and purchasing
We can represent your company and support you in the final customer in any of these areas. Besides that, we also act as consultants in your facilities or to the customer.
Support on the assembly lines
Occasional increases in production; we can be the help you need to not have to increase your own manpower.
We guarantee persons with appropriate training and experience.
Support in your laboratories
We have technicians with GMP Training that can suppress temporary increases of production or temporary absenteeism.
Through trained persons we can secure your stocks through inventories or can serve as a warehouse manager (strategic use and distribution of your products).
Internal audits
We conduct internal audits from processes / products to ensure their compliance.
If you have shortage of manpower and / or physical space for small processes and pre-assemblies or if you want to direct them to other projects, we can be an asset, we can provide you specialized collaborators and physical space to perform your required tasks.